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no agency is better than its agent; therefore, no profit is better than yah's prophecy... streaming righteously!

who we are

projectour. - otherwise known as organizing unique records is a project financed by MU-OP to enhance and establish the delivery of critical and vital information.

our mission

provide yah's chosen with a safe and reliable streaming based product that is packed with a ton of unique services aimed at uniting us all.

our vision

we are thilled about utilizing our resources, deeds and mental capiblities with like minded people to advance the kingdom of the most high.

our strategy

as a collective unified body, administering the commandments of yah; therefore pledging to uphold the sabbath as best known to man, preparing for his will which is to come, bring forth high standing and honorable deeds. - project-our.

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get an ever changing collections of righteous teachings and documentaries from some of the best in the industry...all in one place


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