design solutions.

       enabling your abilities to be seen.

precise craftsmanship; quality by nature, dosignour.

brand & recognition

defining undeniable attributes; the very foundation, and meaning of your brand. it's what you stand for, regardless of opposition. that wow factor!

| starting @ $4500.00


not only are you entering the marketing place, your letting it be known that your here and here to stay!

creating a brand is one thing but ensure that brand secede is another, and that only the beginning.


how can MU-OP help to insure return on investment?

we highly encourage our client to sow healthy seeds that will in return bring forth blessings and that are in-line with natures divine will. furthermore, there is no insurance policy available to man that is more advert then new jerusalem, so correct, build and align!

does MU-OP have a refund policy?

no, we don't seek payment for any services before they are rendered. furthermore, after which all sales are final and non-refundable; although, there are scaling periods in-which changes can be made. please be advised that additional charges may apply.

please be advised: MU-OP is closed on the sabbath and high holy-days as outlined here.



yah spoke: saying, touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm.
yahawah's seal of holy protection!